Why do we doubt ourselves and tend to give up easily?


What causes us to self-doubt?

Doubting our potential is a common human trait that prevents us from the best and sometimes the worst scenario.

Two Root Causes of Self-doubt: Comparison and Vagueness

When we get to know about a way of reaching our future goal, we start our research.

Self-doubt is also termed as a lack of confidence.

Having low self-esteem or confidence is another word for self-doubt. People use them interchangeably.

Another cause of self-doubt is perfectionism.

Imagine you are working at your company and next week you need to give an important presentation.

Self-doubt can be tackled if you stack confidence rather than failures.



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Barsha Kar

Barsha Kar

You can’t be an expert on a subject, if you never experience it | Creative Writer | Freelance Writer | Health & Wellness Writer