Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

~Bill Cosby

Self-doubt is not limited to you and me. It’s an underlying emotion of all the human beings in this world.


But a small mass of people finds the strategy to overcome it, which ultimately leads them towards success.

However, the question here is why we choose to give up quickly rather than just experimenting on things?

Well, the single-word answer to this query is FEAR. …

Happiness is your first priority that you should never postpone for anything.

Bring Your Happiness Back in 4 Simple Steps

I knew it… From my childhood.

I don’t know from where it comes to my tiny brain.

But as much as I can remember, I understood this fact from the “Son pari TV program”.

That’s my favourite show when I was a kid.

But, what was the thing I learned from that series?

Well, the answer is simple. Super simple. That we have two partners like two assistants.

One is a fairy, and another is the devil.

Our intuition power (fairy) is like a sweet friend, with all…

Are you feeling frustrated for not writing today? Do you wonder which is the best time to write? Are you struggling to beat procrastination?

Then hold on. Today I have a concrete news that will remove all of your dilemmas and bring you to the active mode without thinking much.

You might be heard of the “miracle morning”, but it’s not just a name. There are science and philosophy behind the thinking that morning is the best time to perform something you need to create a habit.

If you are an unbeatable procrastinator, then morning is the best time for…

Barsha Kar

You can’t be an expert on a subject, if you never experience it | Creative Writer | Freelance Writer | Health & Wellness Writer

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