7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Write Just After Bed.

Barsha Kar
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Are you feeling frustrated for not writing today? Do you wonder which is the best time to write? Are you struggling to beat procrastination?

Then hold on. Today I have a concrete news that will remove all of your dilemmas and bring you to the active mode without thinking much.

You might be heard of the “miracle morning”, but it’s not just a name. There are science and philosophy behind the thinking that morning is the best time to perform something you need to create a habit.

If you are an unbeatable procrastinator, then morning is the best time for you to perform something challenging like writing.

In the book “Eat That Frog, “ the Author Brian Tracy has described that we procrastinate those works that seem difficult for our minds.

And for avoiding procrastination you need a lot of will power which you will get maximum at the start of the day.

Not just this, there are several other reasons which will prove you why morning writing is best. So, let’s understand all of them.

1. You have high willpower and less external stimuli.

We all know, what is the role of willpower in our life. Creating a new habit requires tons of willpower. Can you generate willpower of your own?

Well, willpower is like the battery on any device. That means it is limited. We all need a good night sleep to charge our battery. And therefore, just after bed, our mind gets its highest potential.

And writing is difficult. No, I’m not telling about myself. Writing is difficult for professional writers as well. That’s not about gaining expertise in writing, but about how much willpower it requires to start a task.

Now you might be thinking, what about our day naps? Are they also work as a charger of our willpower? Fine. That’s a bit true. Whenever we take a nap in the afternoon after heavy energy-draining work, we feel refreshed and charged.

Yah, that time can also be utilized for creative writing, but there are many other points why you should write first after you wake up.

2. It can increase your imagination power.

Yes, writing can improve your power of imagination. Remember, when you were at school, you were told to write an essay or a story to publish in the school newspaper.

How creative you feel at that time. You create a clear picture of your story within your mind. Isn’t it?

Well, if you’ve never participated in those events, you can’t deny your experience on the exam. What about the question you don’t know the exact answer but the story. Don’t you try to force your imagination to write that comprehensive answer?

Writing improves our power of thinking. Indeed you can say writers are the most influential thinkers of the world. This is true. But, here we are talking about writing first thing in the morning. How can writing in the morning can improve our imagination?

According to a study on dreaming and imagination mechanism, our brain collect, process, organize and further create new fragments while sleeping. Some theories also relate the memory consolidation process (transfer of active memory into long-term memory) with sleep.

Writing in the morning means forcing your creative part of the brain to utilize its complete power. Creativity makes us influence our brain for something unique in our way. And that requires a clear imagination.

Utilizing our power of creating, imagining and thinking every morning can take us to the depth of any story. Doing things regularly that means improving it a bit every day.

3. Best time to come up with new ideas.

Do you know writing and editing uses our different parts of brain? And that’s the reason professional writers advise not to edit while writing. Writing uses our creative mind, and editing or proofreading utilizes our analytical brain.

According to neuroscientists researching on a different part of our brain in morning and evening, our ‘diffused’ brain is more active in the morning right after bed. And writing is an activity that is more diffused.

Thus, writing in the morning will help you create more pictures of your story rather than focusing on the perfection in writing.

But, this is not the point here. How writing in the morning will help us in brainstorming fresh ideas?

MRI scans showing brain functionalities in different time frames.

Well, based on the previously discussed research, several MRI scans show that our brain has more functional connectivity in the morning rather than in the evening. And more connectivity means the activation of our creative part. That will ultimately help in constructing unique ideas.

4. Best time to win over your inner critic

When I tried to write in the afternoon or the evening, sometimes it seems impossible. That’s because I’m an expert in procrastinating things. And if writing were a part of my hobby, I would not do it.

However, writing first thing in the morning helps me fight against my evil spirit, which always provokes me for more dopamine rather than performing the essential but difficult tasks.

As procrastination and willpower are the enemies, I put my willpower in front of my habit of remaining within my comfort zone. And guess what, I’m no longer a procrastination campaign for writing.

5. Get a high level of focus.

Sometimes, we love a task, but unable to focus on that for a more extended period. We get motivated and start working on it; however, we found ourselves in web surfing or even scrolling Facebook or Twitter a few later.

Yes, in this case, there is nothing to do with willpower. For intense focus, we must remove things that have a significant role in changing our mood like social media.

But you can have a better concentration on complicated tasks like writing if you do it first in the morning.

According to Cal Newport in his book “Deep Work”, challenging tasks needed a high-level focus, which can be gained by a clean distraction-free environment. And at the early morning, there is less distraction, even inside yourself (inner distraction).

(If you get anxious after waking up and can’t understand what to do, try a few minutes meditation and just after your sessions start writing.)

So, locking yourself within a room in the morning is enough to reach the “flow” or getting onto the writing zone after which you can’t be distracted anymore.

6. It will help you to build a habit.

Did you know, writing comes automatically when you follow a ritual. Even all writer have their specific or unique routines they perform before start writing.

This helps them get directly into the writing zone, and that’s why they don’t need much willpower to start the process.

I’ve learned this from a course “Productivity Hacks for Writers” by Jessica Brody, where she explains productivity habits for writers.

And after that, I also start a few small rituals before writing like doing ten jumping jacks and plugging my headphones with some focusing music.

Most of the writers have their rituals before beginning to put their thoughts on paper, and they often advise to create morning rituals to make writing a habit.

Another vital thing to create writing a habit is timing. No, I’m not telling about the time on the clock. But another clock remains within us that’s known as our biological clock. If you get my point, then experiment it with your pets.

Have you ever noticed, they started begging for food at the same time of the day without even watching the clock? This is due to their biological clock.

So, the point here is creating a morning ritual can help your mind trigger the thoughts of writing, and you can achieve your state of flow quickly.

7. Calm your mind out of the clutter

Alright. In this point, I’m not talking about writing contents, but if writing is your hobby, but still you feel it hard to do every day. You can start journaling.

After waking up, write down your thoughts and your mood. Besides, you can write about five things you are grateful for and five problems you want to solve.

Writing your long term and short term goals in your morning journal help you visualize success and clear your mind.

You can further remove chaos from your mind by writing contents right after bed. Don’t worry these are not useless stuff, but sometimes you will find something recreational you don’t have in any part of the day.

This is because our mind processes thoughts and information during sleep. Thus, after waking up, putting all thoughts onto a paper can help you create a well-structured content.

Final words!

Lastly, if you want to create writing a habit for either improving it or any other reason, you should write consistently and daily. And writing just after bed will help you to do that. Just keep your goal small like writing 500 words or less, as much it’s feeling like climbing a single stair and not an entire mountain.

This way, you will minimize the resistance with your mind and easily focus on the task by beating procrastination.

Now let’s recap, why we should write in the morning.

  • Challenging tasks require a high amount of willpower, and at the start of the day, you have full of it.
  • Writing in the morning can improve your imagination power.
  • Morning is the best time to brainstorm ideas.
  • You can quickly calm your inner critic.
  • At early morning there is less distraction, and you can get a high level of concentration.
  • Writing first thing at the day will help you to build a good habit.
  • By writing just after rising, you can calm your mind from all the clutters and start your day actively.

Are you still feeling nervous? Let’s follow these steps to make writing habit as smooth as butter.

  • Think of the most comfortable writing ritual, e.g., drinking coffee or one push up. Write it down and attach near your PC or laptop.
  • Set your mind the night before for writing just after you wake up.
  • Think of the topic you will write about. Brainstorm ideas, research or take notes one day before to make writing easier.
  • Wake up, do your ritual, sit down and write. Simple, isn’t it? 😉

Not only in the morning, but you can also write all around the day by following your ritual.

Do you take steps and start writing? Let me know!



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