7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Write Just After Bed.

1. You have high willpower and less external stimuli.

2. It can increase your imagination power.

3. Best time to come up with new ideas.

4. Best time to win over your inner critic

5. Get a high level of focus.

6. It will help you to build a habit.

7. Calm your mind out of the clutter

Final words!

  • Challenging tasks require a high amount of willpower, and at the start of the day, you have full of it.
  • Writing in the morning can improve your imagination power.
  • Morning is the best time to brainstorm ideas.
  • You can quickly calm your inner critic.
  • At early morning there is less distraction, and you can get a high level of concentration.
  • Writing first thing at the day will help you to build a good habit.
  • By writing just after rising, you can calm your mind from all the clutters and start your day actively.
  • Think of the most comfortable writing ritual, e.g., drinking coffee or one push up. Write it down and attach near your PC or laptop.
  • Set your mind the night before for writing just after you wake up.
  • Think of the topic you will write about. Brainstorm ideas, research or take notes one day before to make writing easier.
  • Wake up, do your ritual, sit down and write. Simple, isn’t it? 😉



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Barsha Kar

Barsha Kar

You can’t be an expert on a subject, if you never experience it | Creative Writer | Freelance Writer | Health & Wellness Writer