4 Powerful tips to bring your happiness back (when you don’t feel like it)

Happiness is your first priority that you should never postpone for anything.

Bring Your Happiness Back in 4 Simple Steps

I knew it… From my childhood.

I don’t know from where it comes to my tiny brain.

But as much as I can remember, I understood this fact from the “Son pari TV program”.

That’s my favourite show when I was a kid.

But, what was the thing I learned from that series?

Well, the answer is simple. Super simple. That we have two partners like two assistants.

One is a fairy, and another is the devil.

Our intuition power (fairy) is like a sweet friend, with all the goodness.

And our devil mind is like that friend who always waits for something wrong to happen in our life.

So that she can charge your brain with negativity.

That little brain couldn’t understand who’s right and who’s wrong and who is more powerful within me.

But, now I can clearly understand all the facts. All the goodness and evilness in me.

And a human being is nothing but the image of that powerful energy in you. Either good or bad.

Plus, all problems and challenges are not because of anyone and neither God.

All because of me myself. I’m responsible for everything happening in my life.

And I become someone who I was not, but it’s because of my self-talk.

I promoted the negativity more than the positivity that the devil became more powerful and got control over my life.

I’m the biggest enemy of myself — no one else.

And now I understood everything.

So, what makes you unhappy?

This question has a straightforward answer. And even we all know it. We know, why are we feeling bad? Why are we feeling sad? And why all things just happening to us?

Well, ask a simple question to yourself.

Think about it deeply. If you are thinking that God is targeting all kind of problems at you, think again!

Does he have enough time to target you specifically? And if he’s doing, why don’t he kill you? He’s almighty, and yes, he can do this in seconds.

So, now who is responsible for your “so-called” lousy life?

Is it your parents? Is it a friend or neighbour who is feeding the brain of your parents?

Think again. Are they your criminal?

Who is responsible?

Who is bad?

Who was wrong?

Do they really matter?

Do they eat food for you? Do they sleep for you? Do they have control over your life?

Or there is someone else?

How to get back all of your happiness?

Have you heard?

Happiness is not by chance but by choice.

And now you know who is the actual enemy of your happiness?!

So, it’s evident that the first step to getting back your happiness is to take responsibility.

If you are doing some work, taking some decision or thinking deeply about something, think once who is your enemy here?

Noone. No one wants to harm you (even if you have some genuine enemies, they still can’t hurt you).

In fact, critiques help you to analyze your level. To improve yourself and to make you better than the old you.

If you think that today this event happened, which is the reason for my stress, then think again.

What are you missing? What truth don’t you want to tell yourself? That’s a critique of your mind by your intuition…

Think about this carefully. Admit that you are the reason, and that’s the result of what you’ve done.

It doesn’t matter what situation you have, but it really matters what’s your response towards the problem.

There are two types of people in this world — one who reacts in every situation and the other who thinks the case from another side.

For example, if you started a new business and soon after a few months, your business is down. You faced a tremendous amount of loss.

Now you have just two options:

  1. Take stress, anxiety and quit everything.
  2. Think about how can you get rid of this problem.

The first one is the reactive one, who just want to victimize himself. And gives excuses that he only has problems, and that’s why he failed.

And the second one thought of this as an opportunity to learn how to handle such a deadly situation in any kind of business. This is a “proactive” person.

So, if you want to solve your problems and raise like a star, think the problem is not yours. Because we often provide positive advice to others but failed at ours.

Imagine your friend is causing issues with his business, and you’re giving him the advice to bounce back quickly.

I assure you that here your response will be different. ;)

Before writing this article, I was so stupid that I chose to react negatively to every situation.

But, soon, I open my journal and ask a few questions myself:

Why did I respond too severely?

What should I do and why?

Is that fear causing me anxiety?

What are my fears I want to overcome?

How can I get rid of them?

Soon, I asked these questions to myself; I got some incredible response. All are against my action. And there’s no doubt that the trouble-maker was “me-myself”.

Then I answer everything honestly, and at the end of this examination, I felt positive and inspired.

So, writing is a kind of therapy. You should definitely try this method during stress, anxiety, depression or any other negative situation.

You can’t expect to get success without even trying. Yes, I was too comfortable that I don’t want to try anything challenging.

That’s imposter syndrome who was creeping me in and encouraging me to not try.

But, there’s no other option than hard work and consistency if you want to reach somewhere.

I understood it now. My fear was preventing me from working towards failure. However, I forgot that failure is also a part of success.

So, push yourself to try things to the best level. Focus on the process rather than the results, and you will be amazed.

Okay, I admit it, I’m a big procrastinator, and perfectionism is the main problem. But, now, further, I won’t react to things without trying.

Let’s promise ourselves and be consistent till the end.

Yes, the process will be exciting.

We just need to jump right in and start practising what we want to achieve.

Let me know how you’re gonna utilize these tips to get rid of problems and start filling your life with peace and happiness.

All the best :)

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